Why Me?

Why should I hire you?  Can’t I buy all the same gear?

Great studio gear is more abundant and better today than ever before. So why do you need me? Simple. While you can buy great gear (I should know I sell it every single day at Sweetwater Sound), it takes years to learn how to best use it. I have interned under some really amazing engineers and have learned how to sculpt a great mix. I put all my experience and all my expertise into every project I touch. It is the best of both worlds. You get the experience of a seasoned engineer all while being able to work at your own pace without a mounting studio bill staring you in the face!

What’s even better is you get a complete outside perspective on your project. This is a huge benefit. You’ve spent hours going over the same part over and over again. At that point you start to lose perspective on the whole project. By hiring an outside engineer you get a fresh look at your project, which is a really big help.

Don’t we need to fly to Indiana to all sit in the same room? In a perfect world that’d be great! However with the use of free services like DropBox, I can easily get your raw tracks and import them into my studio and build the mix. I’ll then start posting files back in DropBox to keep you up to date on your mix. You can provide feedback on what you like or don’t like as we work together to sculpt the best mix for you.


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