Grammy thoughts

To be fair, I didn’t catch all of the Grammys and I was in and out of the room the entire time. This lead to some really interesting observations. My main observation was, unless you are in front of the TV it is nearly impossible to distinguish most of the music being “performed” from the commercials. If you ‘ve been following my posts at all, you know how important authenticity is to me. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’d much rather hear an amazing performance by someone who has honed their craft than watch someone jump up and down on big cubes. My 3 year old can jump up and down on cubes.

The other notable and I’m linking below was Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. Rather than work in a world class studio on their last record (which they could have picked ANY in the world) they chose to work in their garage. To be fair they had some really good gear… oh yeah and this other guy – Butch Vig who was there too. So this is not exactly the same as you hanging out with your buddies jamming in the garage, but still Dave spoke to something missing and deeper in our industry. I hope it inspires a new direction for something more authentic and more human in our industry.


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