Paralysis of Analysis

OK I’m as guilty as anyone else on this. I have way too many plugins and way too many virtual instruments. The problem is that when it comes down to making a decision you have too many choices and spend too much time deciding between what compressor to use rather than actually mixing.

That being said I’m going to highlight an upcoming product that saved me on this project I’m finishing up (which I will be featuring here). This is a redo of a country song for a demo with a fantastic local singer. The track required a lot of piano (which I played) and no matter what I did, not of the piano libraries were cutting it. After looking at adding more plugins yet again, I finally thought “this just isn’t working”. If I have to EQ it that much and compress it so much to make it “work” then I just need to go back and find a new sound.

Enter VIlabs and their new product True Keys. I don’t plan on doing a lot of product reviews, but I don’t mind highlighting great products here that solve problems. My problem with all the libraries I have are that they don’t offer the perspective on the piano or air. Sure you can add reverb, but most just sound really sterile and lifeless. One of the perks of my job is that I sometimes get sneak peaks at new products and I am lucky to have a beta of one of the pianos from the new library. This is amazing and totally solved my problem. The solution came from their 3 mic positions. By combining those I was able to better match the piano sound I wanted and use WAY less EQ. The result was a much better track and helped the piano sit in the mix. Wanna hear it? Well you can’t just yet, but keep checking back under audio and hear it for yourself!


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