Soundtrack: notes

You can listen to this track here

I used to do a TON of work in Reason. I did a lot of backing tracks for live performance and Reason was really instrumental in making that happen. I’ve always been into electronic music and wanted to tackle a project in that vein. A friend of mine had written a song I really liked and I thought it would lend itself to a remix.

Most of what you hear on the track is purely reason. My original idea was to develop this even further with vocals and guitars and such, but that never happened. I put the idea to bed, but kept coming back to it. I liked the arrangement so much and decided that it really stands on its own. I brought the reason files all into Logic Pro and added a few plugins and drums from Toontrack again. One of my favorite new plugin bundles is Sound Toys and this track has crystallizer all over the pads.


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