Red Shift: notes

Check out this song both before and after here

I loved this song from the very start. Aaron sent me the demo and I knew right away that I had to mix it. Sometimes you just get a picture in your head when you hear something of what it can be, what it needs, and how you are going to treat it.

For this song I wanted to start with the drums. Aaron sent me the MIDI file on the drums so I reached for my favorite drums – Toontrack Superior Drums. I knew that for the bridge I wanted a big room sound like Bohnam, so I grabbed the Allaire kit and fired that up since it is known for the big drum room. The song also has a sci-fi sort of edge to it so I also wanted some electronic stuff layered in there as well for the intro/verse/outro also from Toontrack.

To me, the song builds to the bridge. That is where the song peaks and I wanted it to be special. Again it needed big drums sounds which I already addressed, but the other idea I had was to double the bass line with a synth. So, I grabbed a Moog bass from G Force and doubled the bass line for a HUGE sound.

The final mix ran through my Dbox and then out from the Dbox into the RND 5042 Tape Emulator. The 5042 glued it all together and really gave the mix a little extra punch. I just loved the way it treated the song.

One of the final touches was putting the drums through the bit crusher at the begining and ending which took it from 3bit to full resolution. I wanted it to sound something like a transmission you were recieving that you were tuning in and then at the end I wanted it to sounds like it was breaking up.

I hope you enjoy the song. Stay tuned for more from Aaron. We are going to be working on a new EP for 2012 featuring Red Shift.


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