Tips for online collaboration

As a studio, I do a lot of work online sending and receiving tracks. The world is getting smaller and technology is making it easier all the time to collaborate online. I mostly use Dropbox (which is free) and really like that workflow. I’ve also used the now defunct iDisk which has been replaced with iCloud.

When you are working on tracks that you will be sending to someone, here are some tips:

1. LABEL EVERYTHING. Nothing drives me nuts more than getting tracks from someone and having to go through and figure out what everything is.
2. Include a little text file in the folder with notes on what you are sending OR just email those notes as well. It just helps knowing what the intent was with each of the tracks. Also please note the original tempo of each song.
3. Send multiple versions of each track. I will want a wet track (with effects on it) a dry track (no effects) and if you are working with MIDI, I’d like the MIDI track as well.


Following these steps will help the project move along faster and get better results.


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